Current Research Projects at the Patterson Institute:

  • Natural health products in integrative cancer care: Which ones have the most promising evidence from 218 recent reviews of human controlled studies?

    Cogo E., ND, MSc, MLIS, Papadogianis P., MSc ND. Poster presentation for the 2018 IN-CAM Research Symposium

  • Human Controlled Studies in Integrative Cancer Care: Part 1 - The Role of Herbal and Mushroom Products

    Cogo E., ND, MSc, MLIS, Bhardwaj S., BHSc, Papadogianis P., MSc, ND. [Manuscript under preparation].

    • Future investigations to include The Role of Nutrients and The Role of Traditional Asian Formulas

  • Systematic review and meta-analysis on the use of natural health products during the surgical period in integrative cancer care.

    [In progress] To date, over 2000 studies have been screened in duplicate for review inclusion.

    • Future investigations to include the use of natural health products during chemotherapy, radiation and in palliative care.

  • Program Manual for an Integrative Cancer Retreat Model

    Patterson M., Cogo E. ND, MSc, MLIS, Papadogianis P., MSc, ND. 2018 [Manuscript under preparation]

    • A cancer retreat is a unique and integral part of integrative cancer care and can provide valuable support to people living with cancer.

    • This design of a retreat will be evidence-based

    • These retreats will provide an opportunity to study the impact for people with cancer and their caregivers when they are immersed in a multi-day group environment to explore different integrative therapies.